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Lawn Restoration Services

  • August-October

  • Dethatching/Weed Removal

  • Soil Testing & Adjustment

  • Fertilization

  • Top-dressing

  • Lawn Core Aeration

  • Overseeding

  • Comprehensive Care Review


Because isn't THIS much closer to what you were going for?

Lush lawn - person lying on back

Based on your answers to the following questions, you may still be able to save your lawn without having to start from scratch.


  • Is more than 50% of your lawn still actual, desirable grass?

  • Is your lawn "a little weedy" but not quite yet "infested" with perennial grass weeds?

  • Is your thatch layer less than ½ inch?

If you answered 'Yes' to the questions above,

you may be a great candidate for our Lawn Restoration Services!

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